Retraining of Racehorses


Being responsible racehorse owners, we always try to ensure that our horses are rehomed to permanent loving and caring new homes. Since we have been so successful in this area we often have other racehorses to retrain for a different career and then rehome. For current horses available please see our Facebook page.

  • Past Horses include:
  • “Kilbeggan Blade” is team chasing with Jake.
  • “Supralunary” is also team chasing with Jake.
  • “Bobble Rock” is teaching people to ride at BVEC.
  • “Edgeworth” helps with our tourist rides while we decide if we will race him again.
  • “Street Games” was given a tie back and Hobday operation so that he could enjoy a new life doing riding club activities.
  • “Beauchamp Spark” now enjoys life as a happy hacker.
  • “Cassanoss” has started a career in eventing being aimed at Burghley Young Event horse.
  • “Society Pet” and “Kiev” have both gone on to do dressage.
  • “The Beduth Navi” is enjoying Pony Club.
  • “Mickeldo” is a very successful RC event horse.
  • “Tally” escorts tourist rides out and enjoys being a pet.
  • “Pimberley Place” enjoyed his last days happy hacking.
  • “Irish Playwright” and “Mister Tatton” have gone eventing.
  • “Jake” evented, dressaged to medium level and became a riding club star.
  • “Sam” and “Sun Glory” became happy hackers.
  • “Amusement” does all riding club activities and hunts.
  • “Mazoran” has been very successful at dressage and is now aimed at eventing.
  • “International Guest” spent a season in our riding school and now does Riding Club.
  • “He’s Mine Too” has gone from running at Cheltenham into the Cheltenham RC.
  • “Impero” is currently on our yard enjoying semi retirement as a hack.
  • “Popsox” never raced, but has a job as a broodmare with us.
  • “Fleur” despite having a very successful sister, never ran successfully herself but is a lovely mum!
  • “Forever Autumn” enjoyed a lovely life as a companion before his leg injury proved too sore for him.

Horses for sale, loan or lease

We pride ourselves on being COMPLETELY honest when selling our horses and ponies, and will not sell to anyone we feel does not match. Please do not be offended, but we know them inside out and it is as important to us that they go to the right homes as it is for you to find the right horse/pony. We are NOT dealers! We do not sell them to make money. The only reason we have some for sale is for their sake not ours, or because we have become overstocked….some will be youngsters that have had a good and correct start in life, others have been with us a while and now deserve a caring and private home. And sometimes we act as a bridge for those selling their family pet – we know how hard it is to “let go” when a pony has become outgrown or the rider has surpassed the ponies capabilities – we take some of that pain away and give another rider the opportunity to learn from that pony. We want you to love our equines as much as we do, and we want to hear how they are getting on in their new homes!