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Leasing is a great first step to owning your own horse without the expense and commitment, or a cost effective way of having access to a horse more than once or twice a week.

The leased horses remain the property of BVEC and are still used by the centre – a booking system is in operation to ensure you have access to your horse whenever possible. In the unlikely event that your horse is not available at a specific time, or is out of action due to injury or illness we endeavour to offer a temporary replacement.

A set weekly fee plus VAT and shoeing costs covers all keep, feed, bedding, vets, dentistry and labour costs.

Lease A Horse BVEC Bourton Vale Equestrian


Leasers are required to obtain their own personal accident and public liability insurance (for when riding unsupervised). Petplan is one company that offers this type of insurance – called Rider Only Insurance and costs approx. £80 per year. Pony Club and BHS members probably already have this cover.

Transport, entry fees and tuition costs are not included, though a discount on lessons is offered to leasers.

The agreement is a continual non-transferable commitment that can be ended at any time by giving 4 weeks’ notice.

Leasers are encouraged to spend as much time as they wish at the yard and are welcome to do as much or as little of the care as they like in order to benefit from the “owning a horse” experience.

Supervision & Safety

While support is ongoing, leasers are not always supervised and must be confident and satisfied that they can handle, tack up and ride their horse by themselves or with parents in the case of children.

Hats and boots must be worn at all times while mounted, and a Hi Viz jacket/vest when hacking. The highway and countryside codes must be followed at all times.

Leasers are expected to treat the horses as though they are their own, and to this extent includes not over working, riding recklessly or acting in a way that could cause injury or harm to the horse. BVEC retain the right to end the lease and refund any monies owing if this becomes an issue.

For the current horses available to lease, please enquire at the yard.